Look Print awarded PSO certification

Posted: 2009-06-22

David Leach & Look Print PSO

UGRA’s Erwin Widmer has presented Look Print managing director David Leach with the company’s PSO certification on the PacPrint floor.

Article Courtesy of Proprint: Look-Print-Awarded-PSO-Certification by: Daniel Fitzgerald 26 May 2009.

With auditing from Graphic Arts Services Association of Australia (GASAA) executive officer Garry Knespal (pictured) and UGRA managing director Erwin Widmer, Look Print was taken through the implementation by CMYKit’s Jason Hall.

Leach said he was attracted to the UGRA colour certification process because of the independent auditing that the UGRA mandated.

“I now know that when my staff tell me something is done, it can be independently verified. So there’s a level of accountability there,” said Leach.

“And the customer can promote it as truly independent too,” added Hall, alluding to Look Print’s clients being able to cite their jobs as conforming to an independently-established standard. Hall also cited “ongoing support” as one of the main appeals of the UGRA process.

Leach is now considering becoming the first printer to gain certification for a UV inkjet machine, though the idea is in its early stages.

Knespal and Widmer comprise something of a complemenatry partnership in auditing the PSO standard, with Knespal focusing on staff practices and Widmer more on the technical aspects.

“There’s the human side and the machines,” Knespal said of the process.

Whilst Hall was occupied helping Look Print develop PSO standards in their work, Knespal concentrated on interviewing staff and developing a review of operations to be sent to Widmer for “scientific analysis”. Widmer, as Knespal describes it, provides the ‘third layer’.

“We think it’s a pretty iron-clad system” said Knespal.

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