Jagar Sprinting Achieves World’s First PSO Certification on Xerox iGen4 Digital Press

Posted: 2010-07-13


(Sydney, 13/7/2010) – Jagar Sprinting, one of Australia’s leading digital printing companies, has been awarded PSO certification to ISO 12647-2 standard by the Swiss Centre of Competence for Media and Printing Technology (UGRA*), and in so doing has become the first digital print company in the world to achieve PSO certification on Xerox digital print technology.

Jagar Sprinting, situated in Sydney’s central business district, specialises in variable data printing, web services, corporate documents, marketing collateral and large-format print. It has achieved PSO certification to ISO 12647-2 standard for its Xerox iGen4 digital press, ISO 12647-7 for its digital proofing system, ISO 3664 for its viewing station and ISO 15930-6 for PDF/X3.

Director of Jagar Sprinting, Bruce Jacobs, said that the PSO certification process on the company’s digital technology, including for the first time in the world a Xerox iGen4 digital press, had been challenging and time consuming, but the company had achieved it through “determination and a superlative effort from our employees”.

“The benefits of this achievement will flow to our customers through better colour management, better products, better turnaround times – in other words, a consistently superior process in every facet of our operation,” Jacobs said. “This will strengthen our relationship with our customers, and we are confident that business growth will come through the transition to digital print from other print methodologies, at a time when print runs are reducing and we have been awarded an offset print standard in the digital arena.”

Jagar Sprinting undertook the PSO certification process in November 2009, taking eight months to achieve certification with the assistance of UGRA PSO certification consultant, Jason Hall of CMYKit.

“Jason Hall of CMYKit should receive proper recognition for what he did to get this certification,” added Bruce Jacobs. “This would not have happened without his absolute focus and commitment to see the process through.”

“CMYKit has worked with Jagar Sprinting assisting with PSO integration, and we are ecstatic at the positive result achieved,” said Jason Hall. “The achievement of PSO, the highest recognition of printing to international colour standards, is testament to the Jagar Sprinting commitment to world class printing expertise.”

Ben Thomas, IT and prepress manager at Jagar Sprinting, said, “The process to achieve certification was very thorough, but the Xerox iGen4 digital press reached its levels of performance very quickly, and maintained absolute consistency from those early stages. This achievement has brought a whole new level of quality and consistency to what we are doing here, and with these processes and checks in place it’s better for everyone, especially our clients.”

Garry Knespal, Ugra Certified Expert and one of the two independent auditors from GASAA, required under its regional audit arrangements, said of the certification “The team at Jagar Sprinting met all of the international colour standard operation procedures required for the PSO, as well as producing high-quality proofs and multiple print samples that passed with “flying-colours” both under on-site test conditions and rigorous scientific measuring at the high-tech Ugra laboratory in St Galen, Switzerland. It is a credit to the human capabilities and digital print technology at the company that they were able to score such high PSO test rating,” said Mr Knespal

UGRA is the Association for the Promotion of Research in the Graphic Arts Industry. The association operates the Swiss Center of Competence for Media and Printing Technology. It is represented in Australia by the Graphic Arts Services Association of Australia.

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