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Posted: 2018-11-13

Alwan ColorHub HiFi


Ink savings of up to 40%

Achieved through Alwan’s DMB (Dynamic Max Black) neutral amounts of CMY ink are replaced with K ink to reduce the Total Ink on the page.
As per the above video achieving a 34.6% ink saving.

Increased Head Life

Reducing the Total Ink also means that on a digital press head lives are extended due to the decrease in head fires.

Faster Make Ready

Increased blacK in the separation allows colour balance to be achieved faster on-press.

Higher Printing Speed & Faster Drying

Less total ink means the press can be run faster whilst
decreasing the chance of set-off. This has the added benefit that jobs can move into the finishing department more quickly

Excellent Press to Press Match

Is achieved through increased black levels improving neutrality.

Works with: All printing Processes, Technologies & Workflows

Alwan ColorHUB is a hot folder based workflow and hence can slot into any existing workflow

Alwan ColorHUB also uses the Adobe PDF & Colour Engines so verbatim file conversions are achieved

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