Bodoni Systems proofSIGN

Posted: 2008-05-25

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proofSIGN is a fast and easy proof verification application

Be sure your proofs are colour accurate and match international printing and proofing standards. Or you may want to match your own standards.

Measure and evaluate your proofs quickly and easily with proofSIGN against the latest ISO 12647/7 proofing standards.

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Three Easy Steps

  • Print out the supplied control strip or FOGRA media wedge with your job and measure it with the GretagMacbeth Eye-One spectrophotometer.
  • Evaluate the results on screen.
  • Print out a label and attach it to the proof. Send the proof with the pass to your client with confidence knowing that the proof is absolutely correct

You can also keep a detailed PDF about the proof for your records or email it for remote proofing purposes.

proofSIGN Interface Image

proofSIGN is compatible with the latest ISO 12647/7 proofing standard. It evaluates DeltaE and DeltaH deviations from the target ICC profile you have chosen. The default tolerances are included but you can adjust these tolerances to your individual needs.

proofSIGN comes with all the ISO standard profiles included. If you want to add any other target just select the associated CMYK ICC profile and install it within proofSIGN with just one click.

proofSIGN Pass Report Image

The proofSIGN screen evaluation and printed label show the DeltaE and DeltaH tolerances and the measured results for the paper colour, the primaries and an average for the secondary colours. The PDF gives you a detailed report for each colour on the control strip as well as the paper colour.

proofSIGN System Requirements

proofSIGN Certification Report Image


Mac OS 10.3 or later
64Mb RAM
2 USB ports (one for the Eye-One, one for the label printer)
Label printer – label size 88mm x 36 (recommended Dymo labelwriter 400 label 99012)
Colour Monitor
GretagMacbeth Eye-One


Windows® 2000 or XP
64Mb RAM
2 USB ports one for Eye-One, one for label printer
Label printer – label size 88mm x 36 (recommended Dymo labelwriter 400 label 99012)
GretagMacbeth Eye-One