TSP100 LAN Receipt Printer

Posted: 2014-07-10

The TSP100 LAN is the most “complete” POS printer available

This Star printer is the gold standard for Vend and MYOB Retail Manager users. Tops in reliability, value and ease of use. Perfect for both iPad and desktop set-ups with its wireless printing functionality. The LAN model is required for an iPad POS set-up.

The TPS 100 LAN has a 3 year warranty

The following accessories including with the TSP100 LAN printer:

  • 1.8m Ethernet interface cable with selectable virtual serial port emulator
  • CD-ROM with drivers for majority of operating platforms including Java-POS, OPOS, Apple MAC and Windows with Microsoft certification (WHQL)
  • Power switch cover
  • 58mm paper guide
  • Wall mount and vertical operation kits with automatic receipt reversal software for user comfort

Value-Added Software for Retailers:

  • Re-design Tool including font replacement, cropping and logo / picture placement tools
  • Marketing Tool
  • Unlimited Image Import Tool
  • Electronic Journal facility
  • Journal and Multicopy Tool (up to 4 copies with individual graphic capability)
  • Easy Set-Up, with or without the printer.
  • All available to work alongside your original POS software.